Come and ride the Beaches of Tillamook. Don't worry about bringing your bike. Shore Riders has "Fat" bikes for you. These bikes are made for the sand, they can cruise along uneven terrain and get you where you want to go. They are fun to ride even if you want to stay on the smooth shoreline for an easy cruise down the beach.  Any beach you choose to ride is from 2 miles to 10 miles and more if you want a round trip! Beautiful ocean landscapes on all of our beaches, ride one or ride all we will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. 

Tierra Del Mar- This is a big gorgeous beach it is also a beach where the public can drive on but it's still really large and open spaces for biking. This beach tends to be more private and not occupied as much so come and enjoy this beautiful relaxing place. Watch the wind surfers, and hang gliders as they sail along through the cliffs of this gorgeous place.

Bayocean Spit - This will be a ride to remember! Lot's of history in the area to learn and see. Take a ride around the old townsite of Bayocean" learn from a local historian about the town (upon request). Take a self guided tour or upon request take a guide with you. We will be at the end of the Dike Road Parking Lot.

Oceanside- This is our home beach, we can drop off at Netarts (Boat Dock) or Happy Camp. This is a shorter beach one you can do in just a few hours, it's a great beach to see seals, sea lions, and sea birds, you might even see a whale spout in season. Schedule a Sunset Ride which will start one hour before Sunset and end half hour after. We would prefer you to come to our shop located at 5545 Grand Ave. to get outfitted and we will deliver bikes to the beach. 

Pacific City- Make arrangements for drop off and pick up on this beach, it's a motorized vehicle beach, but lot's of room for riding. Take a long ride to the end of the spit to Bob Straub Park and back if you choose, or just do some fun riding on the beach. We will drop off at County boat launch. We will only do large groups at this beach as it's a ways for us to bring the bikes. Call to schedule for this beach. 

Call to book your appointment or meet us at the beach!
Call to find our location for the day!

Rates and Days Open: Open Tuesday- Saturday Only.

We would prefer you to pay in full before we deliver your bikes. 

Bike Rentals are $50 a day.  You may rent over the weekend. We will make arrangement with you for pick up and drop off. 

Tours will be customized at Bayocean only. Ask for details

We will be able to take Credit or Debit (not on website but over the phone or on arrival in specific locations.

We will deliver to your location or vacation rental. 

Shore Riders LLC •  503-815-3937  or 503-812-6539