Types of SEO

SEO has become an important aspect of marketing your business today. Almost all businesses do it as it has proven to show fantastic results. Expertise in SEO aren’t learnt overnight. Therefore most businesses employ SEO expert agencies to optimize their business for them A good example of these agencies is SEO Wellington. They have gained experience in this field and offers nothing but the best product in return. Getting back on point, what these agencies do is to give different types of SEO according to your company needs.  SEO is classified into two different categories, them being White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO- Just as the colour suggest, white hat SEO is the ethical and more legitimate practice out of the two. However it also goes to gain the same results as it also helps to gain higher rankings on the search engines. The white hat SEO method follows the rules and regulations set out by Google and does not stray from that. It does not take advantage of Google’s disadvantages and loopholes and uses it to their own advantage. White Hat SEO practices include creating and posting good and entertaining content on business websites, revamping of the business websites for the better, HTML optimisation as well as even good writing that is backed up by hard-earned research and experiments. Having said that, although this method is more legitimate it does take relatively longer in generating results businesses want. However this method is more advantageous in the sense that the results obtained from this method is a long lasting one.

Black Hat SEO- This is the method that is less ethical compared to the white one. This is because this methods thrives on the weaknesses of Google’s structure and uses them to their advantage. Frequently used black hat techniques include hidden text and links in articles or the overuse of keywords also known as keyword stuffing or even spam links. These techniques aim at tricking online users to going to their site even though it was not their initial intention. The clicks that these website gets are not genuine and only have a short term lasting effect.

In conclusion, SEO comes in 2 types. In choosing which one to use depends on the moral ground of agencies and businesses. It also depends on their objective on whether they want genuine results or short-lived fame for their website.

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